CBRid4SQL: A CBR Intrusion Detector for SQL Injection Attacks

13 years 12 months ago
CBRid4SQL: A CBR Intrusion Detector for SQL Injection Attacks
One of the most serious security threats to recently deployed databases has been the SQL Injection attack. This paper presents an agent specialised in the detection of SQL injection attacks. The agent incorporates a Case-Based Reasoning engine which is equipped with a learning and adaptation capacity for the classification of malicious codes. The agent also incorporates advanced algorithms in the reasoning cycle stages. The reuse phase uses an innovative classification model based on a mixture of a neuronal network together with a Support Vector Machine in order to classify the received SQL queries in the most reliable way. Finally, a visualisation neural technique is incorporated, which notably eases the revision stage carried out by human experts in the case of suspicious queries. The Classifier Agent was tested in a real-traffic case study and its experimental results, which validate the performance of the proposed approach, are presented here.
Cristian Pinzón, Álvaro Herrero, Jua
Added 19 Jul 2010
Updated 19 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where HAIS
Authors Cristian Pinzón, Álvaro Herrero, Juan Francisco de Paz, Emilio Corchado, Javier Bajo
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