Chameleon: adaptive selection of collections

14 years 7 months ago
Chameleon: adaptive selection of collections
Languages such as Java and C#, as well as scripting languages like Python, and Ruby, make extensive use of Collection classes. A collection implementation represents a fixed choice in the dimensions of operation time, space utilization, and synchronization. Using the collection in a manner not consistent with this fixed choice can cause significant performance degradation. In this paper, we present CHAMELEON, a low-overhead automatic tool that assists the programmer in choosing the appropriate collection implementation for her application. During program execution, CHAMELEON computes elaborate trace and heap-based metrics on collection behavior. These metrics are consumed on-thefly by a rules engine which outputs a list of suggested collection adaptation strategies. The tool can apply these corrective strategies automatically or present them to the programmer. We have implemented CHAMELEON on top of a IBM's J9 production JVM, and evaluated it over a small set of benchmarks. We sh...
Ohad Shacham, Martin T. Vechev, Eran Yahav
Added 22 Nov 2009
Updated 22 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where PLDI
Authors Ohad Shacham, Martin T. Vechev, Eran Yahav
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