CLON: Overlay Networks and Gossip Protocols for Cloud Environments

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CLON: Overlay Networks and Gossip Protocols for Cloud Environments
Although epidemic or gossip-based multicast is a robust and scalable approach to reliable data dissemination, its inherent redundancy results in high resource consumption on both links and nodes. This problem is aggravated in settings that have costlier or resource constrained links, as happens in Cloud Computing infrastructures composed by several interconnected data centers across the globe. The goal of this work is therefore to improve the efficiency of gossip-based reliable multicast by reducing the load imposed on those constrained links. In detail, the proposed CLON protocol combines an overlay that gives preference to local links and a dissemination strategy that takes into account locality. Extensive experimental evaluation using a very large number of simulated nodes shows that this results in a reduction of traffic in constrained links by an order of magnitude, while at the same time preserving the resilience properties that make gossip-based protocols so attractive.
Miguel Matos, António Sousa, José Pe
Added 27 May 2010
Updated 27 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where OTM
Authors Miguel Matos, António Sousa, José Pereira, Rui Carlos Oliveira, Eric Deliot, Paul Murray
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