Cluster-Based Location-Services for Scalable Ad Hoc Network Routing

13 years 10 months ago
Cluster-Based Location-Services for Scalable Ad Hoc Network Routing
: We propose a location-service to assist location-based routing protocols, realised through our Associativity-Based Clustering protocol. The main goal of our scheme, which employs hierarchical principles, is to minimize the control traffic associated with location-management. In location-based routing protocols, the control traffic is mainly due to location-updates, queries and responses. Our scheme employs a novel geographically-oriented clustering scheme in order to minimize control traffic without impairing performance. In our location management scheme, nodes are assigned home-zones, and are required to send their location-updates to their respective home-zones through a dominating-set. This strategy, unlike similar location-management approaches, minimizes inevitable superfluous flooding by every node, and prevents location updates and queries from traversing the entire network unnecessarily, hence conserving bandwidth and transmission power. We evaluate our proposed scheme throu...
Sivapathalingham Sivavakeesar, George Pavlou
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Updated 02 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Where MWCN
Authors Sivapathalingham Sivavakeesar, George Pavlou
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