Clustering Complex Data with Group-Dependent Feature Selection

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Clustering Complex Data with Group-Dependent Feature Selection
Abstract. We describe a clustering approach with the emphasis on detecting coherent structures in a complex dataset, and illustrate its effectiveness with computer vision applications. By complex data, we mean that the attribute variations among the data are too extensive such that clustering based on a single feature representation/descriptor is insufficient to faithfully divide the data into meaningful groups. The proposed method thus assumes the data are represented with various feature representations, and aims to uncover the underlying cluster structure. To that end, we associate each cluster with a boosting classifier derived from multiple kernel learning, and apply the cluster-specific classifier to feature selection across various descriptors to best separate data of the cluster from the rest. Specifically, we integrate the multiple, correlative training tasks of the cluster-specific classifiers into the clustering procedure, and cast them as a joint constrained optimiza...
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Year 2010
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