Coalition Formation Meets Information Theory

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Coalition Formation Meets Information Theory
The process of coalition formation, where distinct autonomous agents come together to act as a coherent group is an important form of interaction in multiagent systems. Previous work has focused on developing coalition formation algorithms which seek to maximize some coalition structure valuation function V (CS). However, for many real-world systems, evaluation of V (CS) must be done empirically, which can be time-consuming, and when evaluation of V (CS) becomes too expensive, value-based coalition formation algorithms can become unattractive. In this work we present a algorithm for forming high value coalition structures when direct evaluation of V (CS) is not feasible. We present the IBCF (Information-Based Coalition Formation) algorithm, which does not try to directly maximize V (CS), but instead seeks to form coalitions which possess maximum amounts of information about how environmental states and agent actions relate to external reward. Such information maximization strategies h...
Victor Palmer, Thomas R. Ioerger
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Victor Palmer, Thomas R. Ioerger
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