Combined Top-Down/Bottom-Up Segmentation

13 years 7 months ago
Combined Top-Down/Bottom-Up Segmentation
We construct an image segmentation scheme that combines top-down (TD) with bottom-up (BU) processing. In the proposed scheme, segmentation and recognition are intertwined rather than proceeding in a serial manner. The TD part applies stored knowledge about object shapes acquired through learning, whereas the BU part creates a hierarchy of segmented regions based on uniformity criteria. Beginning with unsegmented training examples of class and nonclass images, the algorithm constructs a bank of class-specific fragments and determines their figure-ground segmentation. This fragment bank is then used to segment novel images in a TD manner: The stored fragments are first used to recognize images containing class objects and then to create a complete cover that best approximates these objects. The resulting TD segmentation is then integrated with BU multiscale grouping to better delineate the object boundaries. Our experiments, applied to a large set of four classes (horses, pedestrians, ca...
Eran Borenstein, Shimon Ullman
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where PAMI
Authors Eran Borenstein, Shimon Ullman
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