Composition with Target Constraints

14 years 1 months ago
Composition with Target Constraints
It is known that the composition of schema mappings, each specified by source-to-target tgds (st-tgds), can be specified by a secondorder tgd (SO tgd). We consider the question of what happens when target constraints are allowed. Specifically, we consider the question of specifying the composition of standard schema mappings (those specified by st-tgds, target egds, and a weakly-acyclic set of target tgds). We show that SO tgds, even with the assistance of arbitrary source constraints and target constraints, cannot specify in general the composition of two standard schema mappings. Therefore, we introduce source-to-target second-order dependencies (st-SO dependencies), which are similar to SO tgds, but allow equations in the conclusion. We show that st-SO dependencies (along with target egds and target tgds) are sufficient to express the composition of every finite sequence of standard schema mappings, and further, every st-SO dependency specifies such a composition. In addition to th...
Marcelo Arenas, Ronald Fagin, Alan Nash
Added 01 Mar 2010
Updated 02 Mar 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where ICDT
Authors Marcelo Arenas, Ronald Fagin, Alan Nash
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