Compositional Abstractions for Search Factories

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Compositional Abstractions for Search Factories
ional Abstractions for Search Factories Guido Tack, Didier Le Botlan MOZ 2004 Presented at International Mozart/Oz Conference (MOZ 2004) Charleroi, Belgium October 2004 Published in LNCS (Springer-Verlag) Proceedings of the International Mozart/Oz Conference Volume 3389, February 2005, pages 211 – 223 Search is essential for constraint programming. Search engines typically combine several features like state restoration for backtracking, best solution search, parallelism, or visualization. In current implementations like Mozart, however, these search engines are monolithic and hard-wired to one exploration strategy, severely complicating the implementation of new exploration strategies and preventing their reuse. This paper presents the design of a search factory for Mozart, a program that enables the user to freely combine several orthogonal aspects of search, resulting in a search engine tailored to the user’s needs. The abstractions developed here support fully automatic recomp...
Guido Tack, Didier Le Botlan
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where MOZ
Authors Guido Tack, Didier Le Botlan
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