Computational Perspectives on Map Generalization

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Computational Perspectives on Map Generalization
ally related entity types, or classes, into higher level, more abstract types, as part of a hierarchical classi®cation scheme. graphy, generalization retains the notion of abstraction and of extracting the general overriding principles similar to the usages in other disciplines. However, it is extended from the purely semantic to the spatial (and possibly temporal) domain. In cartography map generalization (or simply generalization) is the process of deriving from a detailed source spatial database a map or database the contents and complexity of which are reduced, while retaining the major semantic and structural characteristics of the source data appropriate to a required purpose. It is typically associated with a reduction in the scale at which the data are displayed, a classic example being the derivation of a topographic map at 1:100,000 from a source map at 1:50,000. Map generalization should never be equated merely with simpli®cation and scale reduction. On the contrary, it re...
Robert Weibel, Christopher B. Jones
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Year 1998
Authors Robert Weibel, Christopher B. Jones
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