Computing - An Intellectual Lever for Multidisciplinary Discovery

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Computing - An Intellectual Lever for Multidisciplinary Discovery
: Legend says that Archimedes remarked, on the discovery of the lever, “Give me a place to stand, and I can move the world.” Today, computing pervades all aspects of science and engineering. “Science” and “computational science” have become largely synonymous, and high-performance computing is the intellectual lever that opens the pathway to discovery. One aspect of high-performance computing distinguishes it from other scientific instruments – its universality as an intellectual amplifier. Powerful new telescopes advance astronomy, but not materials science. Powerful new particle accelerators advance high energy physics, but not genetics. In contrast, high-performance computing advances all of science and engineering, because all disciplines benefit from highresolution model predictions, theoretical validations and experimental data analysis. As new scientific discoveries increasingly lie at the interstices of traditional disciplines, computing is also the enabler for a ...
Daniel A. Reed
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Year 2004
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