Concurrent Turing Machines

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Concurrent Turing Machines
We define Concurrent Turing Machines (CTMs) as Turing machines with Petri nets as finite control. This leads to machines with arbitrary many tape heads, thus subsuming any class of (constant) khead Turing machines. Concurrent Turing machines correspond to a class of multiset rewriting systems. The definition of a CTMs as a rewrite theory avoids the need for encoding multisets as words and using an equivalence relation on configurations. Multiset rewriting lends itself to be used in rewriting systems and tools like the rewriting engine Maude. For the rewriting system, a configuration is given by a varying sequence of strings and multisets.
Berndt Farwer, Manfred Kudlek, Heiko Rölke
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Where FUIN
Authors Berndt Farwer, Manfred Kudlek, Heiko Rölke
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