Connecting with kids: so what's new?

14 years 8 months ago
Connecting with kids: so what's new?
From pre-schools to high schools, at home and in museums, the educational community has embraced the use of computers as a teaching tool. Yet many institutions will simply install "what everyone else is using" without questioning how technology can be best used to enhance education. For this panel, we have assembled a broad range of researchers and practitioners who are on the forefront of using computers to teach kids in novel ways. Each panelist will summarize their approach with examples of projects that they believe will demonstrate "what's new". We will then have videotaped children pose their toughest educational challenges to the panelists. Panelists will answer by talking about how they would meet these challenges. Finally, attendees will get to vote for their favorite solution. This will expose the CHI audience to a range of educational challenges, with a taste of the different ways that these problems can be solved. Author Keywords Educational applic...
Lori L. Scarlatos, Amy Bruckman, Allison Druin, Mi
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where CHI
Authors Lori L. Scarlatos, Amy Bruckman, Allison Druin, Michael Eisenberg, Molly Lenore, Oren Zuckerman
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