Context-Aware, Ontology-Based Service Discovery

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Context-Aware, Ontology-Based Service Discovery
Service discovery is a process of locating, or discovering, one or more documents, that describe a particular service. Most of the current service discovery approaches perform syntactic matching, that is, they retrieve services descriptions that contain particular keywords from the user’s query. This often leads to poor discovery results, because the keywords in the query can be semantically similar but syntactically different, or syntactically similar but semantically different from the terms in a service description. Another drawback of the existing service discovery mechanisms is that the query-service matching score is calculated taking into account only the keywords from the user’s query and the terms in the service descriptions. Thus, regardless of the context of the service user and the context of the services providers, the same list of results is returned in response to a particular query. This paper presents a novel approach for service discovery that uses ontologies to c...
Tom Broens, Stanislav Pokraev, Marten van Sinderen
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Tom Broens, Stanislav Pokraev, Marten van Sinderen, Johan Koolwaaij, Patricia Dockhorn Costa
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