Context to Make You More Aware

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Context to Make You More Aware
The goal of our work is to help users make more informed choices about what physical activities they undertake. One example is to provide relevant information to help someone choose whether to wait at the closest bus stop, or walk a few minutes to the next stop, without missing the bus. In this paper, we report on our development of a platform which collects relevant context information for five different scenarios, processes this data, and presents relevant information to the user at the right time, in an unobtrusive way. The personal area network we use consists of a sensor platform with wireless capabilities, a Bluetooth-enabled wristwatch, and a mobile phone. We are also able to communicate with the user’s PCs and various web services through multiple wireless channels. In future work, we will integrate the scenarios into a customizable set of applications, and evaluate the complete system.
Adrienne H. Andrew, Yaw Anokwa, Karl Koscher, Jona
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Adrienne H. Andrew, Yaw Anokwa, Karl Koscher, Jonathan Lester, Gaetano Borriello
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