Contextualized B2B Registries

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Contextualized B2B Registries
Service discovery is a fundamental concept underpinning the move towards dynamic service-oriented business partnerships. The business process for integrating service discovery and underlying registry technologies into business relationships, procurement and project management functions has not been examined and hence existing Web Service registries lack capabilities required by business today. In this paper we present a novel contextualized B2B registry that supports dynamic registration and discovery of resources within management contexts to ensure that the search space is constrained to the scope of authorized and legitimate resources only. We describe how the registry has been deployed in three case studies from important economic sectors (aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical) showing how contextualized discovery can support distributed product development processes. Keywords. Registry, discovery, B2B, SOA, SLA
Uwe Radetzki, Mike J. Boniface, Mike Surridge
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Uwe Radetzki, Mike J. Boniface, Mike Surridge
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