Continuous social screencasting to facilitate software tool discovery

11 years 6 months ago
Continuous social screencasting to facilitate software tool discovery
—The wide variety of software development tools available today have a great potential to improve the way developers make software, but that potential goes unfulfilled when developers are not aware of useful tools. In this paper, I introduce the idea of continuous social screencasting, a novel mechanism to help developers gain awareness of relevant tools by enabling them to learn remotely and asychronously from their peers. The idea builds on the strength of several existing techniques that developers already use for discovering new tools, including screencasts and online social networks. I. MOTIVATION One way that software developers can cope with the challenges of building increasingly complex and sophisticated software is by using software development tools. Such tools come in many forms: as shortcuts in editors, as stand-alone command-line programs, and as plugins, features, and views in integrated development environments. Tools range from very high-level and broad, such as pro...
Emerson R. Murphy-Hill
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Year 2012
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Authors Emerson R. Murphy-Hill
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