Cooperative Multi-Agent Learning: The State of the Art

13 years 6 months ago
Cooperative Multi-Agent Learning: The State of the Art
Cooperative multi-agent systems are ones in which several agents attempt, through their interaction, to jointly solve tasks or to maximize utility. Due to the interactions among the agents, multi-agent problem complexity can rise rapidly with the number of agents or their behavioral sophistication. The challenge this presents to the task of programming solutions to multi-agent systems problems has spawned increasing interest in machine learning techniques to automate the search and optimization process. We provide a broad survey of the cooperative multi-agent learning literature. Previous surveys of this area have largely focused on issues common to specific subareas (for example, reinforcement learning or robotics). In this survey we attempt to draw from multi-agent learning work in a spectrum of areas, including reinforcement learning, evolutionary computation, game theory, complex systems, agent modeling, and robotics. We find that this broad view leads to a division of the work in...
Liviu Panait, Sean Luke
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Type Journal
Year 2005
Authors Liviu Panait, Sean Luke
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