Coordination of work: towards a typology

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Coordination of work: towards a typology
: Based on the study of different coordination theories and approaches and on the previous ethnographic case studies, authors identify certain types of coordination, which they introduce in this paper: time-based, product-based, process-based, and problem-based coordination. These types are instantiations of a coordination typology developed. The characteristics of these coordination types are shown, on the one hand, in terms of coordination work practices (relation between planning and execution, decision-making, distribution of work), impact factors (interdependencies, resources, output, flexibility, success criteria), and coordination mechanisms (protocols and artifacts), and on the other hand, by illustrating the analysis of a time-based coordinated work environment by applying this typology. Key words: Coordination, CSCW, ethnography.
Hilda Tellioglu
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Year 2010
Authors Hilda Tellioglu
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