Correct and efficient evaluation of region-based image search

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Correct and efficient evaluation of region-based image search
Abstract. Content-based image retrieval systems allow the user to interactively search image databases looking for those images which are similar to a specified query image. To this end, region-based systems decompose each database image into a set of "homogeneous" regions. Similarity between images is then assessed by computing similarity between regions and combining the results at image level. In this paper we propose a correct approach to region matching maximizing the overall similarity score between images. The presented approach only relies on the assumption that regions' scores are to be combined using a monotonic function. Experimental results obtained using an existing system show the effectiveness of our approach with respect to existing region matching heuristics. Then, to reduce query costs, we present an index-based algorithm that can make use of any distance-based access structure, and demonstrate its efficiency on a medium-size image data-set.
Ilaria Bartolini, Marco Patella
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where SEBD
Authors Ilaria Bartolini, Marco Patella
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