Crash Recovery in FAST FTL

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Crash Recovery in FAST FTL
NAND flash memory is one of the non-volatile memories and has been replacing hard disk in various storage markets from mobile devices, PC/Laptop computers, even to enterprise servers. However, flash memory does not allow in-place-update, and thus a block should be erased before overwriting the existing data in it. In order to overcome the performance problem from this intrinsic deficiency, flash storage devices are equipped with the software module, called FTL (Flash Translation Layer). Meanwhile, flash storage devices are subject to failure and thus should be able to recover metadata (including address mapping information) as well as data from the crash. In general, the FTL layer is responsible for the crash recovery. In this paper, we propose a novel crash recovery scheme for FAST, a hybrid address mapping FTL. It writes periodically newly generated address mapping information in a log structured way, but it exploits the characteristics of FAST FTL that the log blocks in a log a...
Sungup Moon, Sang-Phil Lim, Dong-Joo Park, Sang-Wo
Added 30 Jan 2011
Updated 30 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where SEUS
Authors Sungup Moon, Sang-Phil Lim, Dong-Joo Park, Sang-Won Lee
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