Cross-Language Information Retrieval for Technical Documents

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Cross-Language Information Retrieval for Technical Documents
This paper proposes a Japanese/English crosslanguage information retrieval (CLIR) system targeting technical documents. Our system first translates a given query containing technical terms into the target language, and then retrieves documents relevant to the translated query. The translation of technical terms is still problematic in that technical terms are often compound words, and thus new terms can be progressively created simply by combining existing base words. In addition, Japanese often represents loanwords based on its phonogram. Consequently, existing dictionaries find it difficult to achieve sufficient coverage. To counter the first problem, we use a compound word translation method, which uses a bilingual dictionary for base words and collocational statistics to resolve translation ambiguity. For the second problem, we propose a transliteration method, which identifies phonetic equivalents in the target language. We also show the effectiveness of our system using a test c...
Atsushi Fujii, Tetsuya Ishikawa
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Type Journal
Year 1999
Where CORR
Authors Atsushi Fujii, Tetsuya Ishikawa
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