DACS Web Service

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DACS Web Service
DACS (Destination Addressing Control System) Scheme is developed as a new network management scheme. DACS Scheme performs the network management and services efficiently by communication control of client computers. Through the communication control, a whole network is managed. In the network with DACS Scheme, new network services and information systems are realized. As examples of those, we have developed a new portal system and DACS Web Service. DACS Web Service is a network service for realizing a portal system where each user can create the customized Web page as Personal Portal freely and easily. We show the proposed portal system and its application based on DACS Web Service. KEYWORDS Personal Portal, DACS Scheme, Web Service, CGI
Kazuya Odagiri, Rihito Yaegashi, Masaharu Tadauchi
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where KES
Authors Kazuya Odagiri, Rihito Yaegashi, Masaharu Tadauchi, Naohiro Ishii
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