Darwinism of Color Image Difference Models

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Darwinism of Color Image Difference Models
The world of color image difference modeling can be considered relatively young, when compared with the rich history of general color difference equations. While young, this area of research is well beyond the primordial soup stage. In this paper we present a framework for describing the evolution of color image difference models. This framework builds upon the S-CIELAB model, which in turn was built upon the CIELAB model and the CIE color difference equations.1 The goal is to create a modular, extendable color image difference model. Origin of Species Equations and models for specifying color difference have been a topic of study for many years. This research has culminated in the CIE DE94/2000 color difference equations. These equations have proven to be successful in the prediction of color differences for simple color patches, as well as instrumental based color tolerances. Since they were derived using color patches in well defined viewing conditions, their use in color imaging i...
Garrett M. Johnson, Mark D. Fairchild
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Garrett M. Johnson, Mark D. Fairchild
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