Data-Flow-Based Unit Testing of Aspect-Oriented Programs

13 years 11 months ago
Data-Flow-Based Unit Testing of Aspect-Oriented Programs
The current research so far in aspect-oriented software development is focused on problem analysis, software design, and implementation techniques. Even though the importance of software testing is known, it has received little attention in the aspect-oriented paradigm. In this paper, we propose a data-flow-basedunit testing approach for aspectoriented programs. Our approach tests two types of units for an aspect-oriented program, i.e., aspects that are modular units of crosscutting implementation of the program, and those classes whose behavior may be affected by one or more aspects. For each aspect or class, our approach performs three levels of testing, i.e., intra-module, intermodule, and intra-aspect or intra-class testing. For an individual module such as a piece of advice, a piece of introduction, and a method, we perform intra-module testing. For a public module along with other modules it calls in an aspect or class, we perform inter-module testing. For modules that can be a...
Jianjun Zhao
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Year 2003
Authors Jianjun Zhao
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