Debugging Aspect-Enabled Programs

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Debugging Aspect-Enabled Programs
Abstract. The ability to debug programs composed using aspect-oriented programming (AOP) techniques is critical to the adoption of AOP. Nevertheless, many AOP systems lack adequate support for debugging, making it difficult to diagnose faults and understand the program‘s composition and control flow. We present an AOP debug model that characterizes AOP-specific program composition techniques and AOP-specific program behaviors, and relates them to the AOP-specific faults they induce. We specify debugging criteria that we feel all AOP systems should support and compare how several AOP systems measure up to this ideal. We explain why AOP composition techniques, particularly dynamic and binary weaving, hinder source-level debugging, and how results from related research on debugging optimized code help solve the problem. We also present Wicca, the first dynamic AOP system to support full source-level debugging. We demonstrate how Wicca‘s powerful interactive debugging features allow a ...
Marc Eaddy, Alfred V. Aho, Weiping Hu, Paddy McDon
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Updated 09 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where SOCO
Authors Marc Eaddy, Alfred V. Aho, Weiping Hu, Paddy McDonald, Julian Burger
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