Delegation: Efficiently Rewriting History

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Delegation: Efficiently Rewriting History
Transaction delegation, as introduced in ACTA, allows a transaction to transfer responsibility for the operations that it has performed on an object to another transaction. Delegation can be used to broaden the visibility of the delegatee, and to tailor the recovery properties of a transaction model. Delegation has been shown to be useful in synthesizing Advanced Transaction Models. Withan efficient implementationof delegationitbecomes practicabletorealize various Advanced TransactionModels whose requirements are specified at a high level language instead of the current expensive practice of building them from scratch. In this paper we identify the issues in efficiently supporting delegation and hence advanced transaction models, and illustrate this with our solution in ARIES, an industrial-quality system that uses UNDO/REDO recovery. Since delegation is tantamount to rewriting history, a na?ive implementationcan entailfrequent, costly log accesses, and can result incomplicatedrecover...
Cris Pedregal Martin, Krithi Ramamritham
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Updated 01 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 1997
Where ICDE
Authors Cris Pedregal Martin, Krithi Ramamritham
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