Dependence-Based Program Analysis

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Dependence-Based Program Analysis
Program analysis and optimizationcan be speeded upthrough the use of the dependence flow graph (DFG), a representation of program dependences which generalizes def-use chains and static single assignment (SSA) form. In this paper, we give a simple graph-theoretic description of the DFG and show how the DFG for a program can be constructed in O(EV ) time. We then show how forward and backward dataflow analyses can be performed efficiently on the DFG, using constant propagation and elimination of partial redundancies as examples. These analyses can be framed as solutionsof dataflow equations in the DFG. Our construction algorithm is of independent interest because it can be used to construct a program’s control dependence graph in O(E) time and its SSA representation in O(EV ) time, which are improvements over existing algorithms.
Richard Johnson, Keshav Pingali
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Type Conference
Year 1993
Where PLDI
Authors Richard Johnson, Keshav Pingali
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