Description Logics for Interoperability

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Description Logics for Interoperability
tween documents. They should allow for an abstract representation of data which resembles the way they are actually perceived and used in the real world, thus shortening (with respect to the more traditional data models) the semantic gap between the domain and its representation. Conceptual (or Ontology) modelling deals with the question on how to describe in a declarative and reusable way the domain information of an application, its relevant vocabulary, and how to constrain the use the data, by understanding what can be drawn from it. Not surprisingly, conceptual modelling tasks have always been in the mainstream of KR research – see for example the research on Ontology representation and design – and can be considered now one of the main applications of KR languages and reasoning technique. In addition, given the high complexity of the modelling task when complex data is involved, in the semantic web field there is the demand of more sophisticated and expressive languages than ...
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