Designing adaptive trading agents

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Designing adaptive trading agents
ended abstract summarizes the research presented in Dr. Pardoe’s recently-completed Ph.D. thesis [Pardoe 2011]. The thesis considers how adaptive trading agents can take advantage of previous experience (real or simulated) in other markets while remaining robust in the face of novel situations in a new market. Its contributions are at the intersection of machine learning and electronic commerce, with particular focus on transfer learning and fully autonomous trading agents. Categories and Subject Descriptors: I.2.6 [Computing Methods]: Artificial Intelligence General Terms: Algorithms, Design, Economics, Experimentation Additional Key Words and Phrases: agents, auctions, machine learning, Trading Agent Competition Along with the growth of electronic commerce has come an interest in developing autonomous trading agents. In many situations, such agents must interact directly with other (human or automated) market participants, and so the behavior of these participants must be taken in...
David Pardoe, Peter Stone
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Year 2011
Authors David Pardoe, Peter Stone
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