Developing Knowledge-Based Systems with Active Expert Participation

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Developing Knowledge-Based Systems with Active Expert Participation
Many reported difficulties with real-life applications of knowledge-based technology stem from the fact that the traditionally performed prototyping projects are hard to manage and that interviewing techniques introduce the knowledge engineer as an extra filter in the transfer of expert knowledge to end-users. We propose an Active Expert methodology to cope with some of the difficulties. Briefly, this methodology implies that the expert should take as active part as possible in the design of the knowledge base. The role of the knowledge engineer is more oriented towards analysis and tool-creation, thus preparing an environment in which the expert can enter his knowledge. In a number of different projects, we have found examples where this methodology gives manageable projects and that expert participation not only increases knowledge base quality, but also contributes to debugging, marketing and maintenance. This paper gives an overview of the methodology together with sample findings...
Kristian Sandahl
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Type Conference
Year 1993
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Authors Kristian Sandahl
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