Development of the ring sensor for healthcare automation

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Development of the ring sensor for healthcare automation
This paper presents the development of a miniaturized telemetered ambulatory monitoring device in a ring configuration. The device, called ring sensor, is worn by the patient at all times, hence the health status is monitored 24 hours a day. The ring is equipped with LEDs and photo detectors where the technology of pulse oximetry is implemented for monitoring pulse waves and blood oxygen saturation. The measured data are transmitted to a computer through a digital wireless communication link and the patient health status is analyzed continuously and remotely. Any trait of abnormal health status and possible accidents is detected by analyzing the sensor data. Detailed descriptions of the hardware and the software of the ring sensor including a noise protection algorithm will be presented. Also, unique features of the 24 hour patient monitoring system using the ring sensor will be discussed.
Boo-Ho Yang, Sokwoo Rhee
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Type Journal
Year 2000
Where RAS
Authors Boo-Ho Yang, Sokwoo Rhee
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