The Discipline of Embedded Systems Design

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The Discipline of Embedded Systems Design
ems, using abstractions that actually remove physical constraints from consideration. At the other, embedded systems design goes beyond the traditional expertise of electrical engineers because computation and software are integral parts of embedded systems. Fortunately, with crises comes opportunity—in this case, the chance to reinvigorate computer science research by focusing on embedded systems design. The embedded systems design problem certainly raises technology questions, but more important, it requires building a new scientific foundation that will systematically and even-handedly integrate computation and physicality from the bottom up.2 Support for this foundation will require enriching computer science paradigms to encompass models and methods traditionally found in electrical engineering.3,4 In parallel, educators will need to renew the computer science curriculum. In industry, trained electrical engineers routinely design software architectures, and trained computer sci...
Thomas A. Henzinger, Joseph Sifakis
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Authors Thomas A. Henzinger, Joseph Sifakis
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