Discovering Hidden Evidence

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Discovering Hidden Evidence
Over the past decade, the advancement of a myriad of methods, techniques and technologies to conceal digital evidence and covertly communicate have increased at an alarming rate. In addition, new information suggests that the download of an arsenal of software tools that perform these functions further suggests greater interest and usage of such cyber weapons. Steganography is here, and combined with the Internet and peer to peer networking, it provides criminals, gangs and terrorists with a viable and covert method of communication with guaranteed evidence concealment. This article discusses, in detail, the state-of-the-art in the most advanced Steganography tools and techniques available to perpetrators today. We include statistics regarding Steganography expansion, growth and usage, and discuss the specific digital forensic artifacts that help lead to discovery and extraction. All of the image files used to develop this article are available for free download from the publisher'...
Chet Hosmer
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Year 2006
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