Discovering Services during Service-Based System Design Using UML

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Discovering Services during Service-Based System Design Using UML
—Recently, there has been a proliferation of service-based systems, i.e. software systems that are composed of autonomous services, but can also use software code. In order to support the development of these systems, it is necessary to have new methods, processes, and tools. In this paper we describe a UML-based framework to assist with the development of service-based systems. The framework adopts an iterative process in which software services that can provide functional and non-functional characteristics of a system being developed are discovered, and the identified services are used to re-formulate the design models of the system. The framework uses a query language to represent structural, behavioural, and quality characteristics of services to be identified, and a query processor to match the queries against service registries. The matching process is based on distance measurements between the queries and service specfications. A prototype tool has been implemented. The work h...
George Spanoudakis, Andrea Zisman
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Type Journal
Year 2010
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Authors George Spanoudakis, Andrea Zisman
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