Distributed Interaction in Virtual Spaces

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Distributed Interaction in Virtual Spaces
Virtual spaces based on the metaphor of "shared network places" are becoming a well accepted implementation approach for multiuser, multimedia, distributed cooperative work environments to support the work activities and interactions of goal oriented business teams. Similar to real-life physical team rooms, which provide a permanent shared space used by a work group, TEAMWORKPLACE, the virtual space presented in this paper, provides a virtual meeting room, i.e. a place to store, retrieve and present multimedia content (documents), to design and construct cooperatively, to brainstorm, to negotiate and make decisions, to run shared applications, to browse enterprise data, or to acquire, formalise and exchange enterprise knowledge. Since physical team rooms rely on the physical proximity of the team members and their easy access to the common work space, this access breaks down when groups are geographically dislocated. For such teams, TEAMWORKPLACE provides the electronic equi...
Alois Ferscha, James Johnson
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where DSRT
Authors Alois Ferscha, James Johnson
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