A Distributed IP Mobility Approach for 3G SAE

13 years 12 months ago
A Distributed IP Mobility Approach for 3G SAE
—Future generations of mobile operator networks, based on an all-IP-based flat architecture and a multitude of different access technologies, require a proper IP-based mobility management in place. In this article, a scalable and completely distributed mobility management is presented which is based on a Distributed Hash Table data structure. The Distributed IP Mobility Approach (DIMA) remains completely compatible towards Mobile IP and its variants Hierarchical Mobile IP and Proxy Mobile IP. We examine the average service time per packet and the load caused by lookups in the system, by applying a suitable mobility model and by using a traffic model consisting of a mix of representative traffic classes (HTTP, VoIP, Audio and Video streaming). Thereby, we show that the system remains scalable allowing to serve an arbitrary amount of participants, provides a network-based route optimization and a better resilience than Mobile IP at the cost of only slightly increased signalling effo...
Mathias Fischer, Frank-Uwe Andersen, Andreas K&oum
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Mathias Fischer, Frank-Uwe Andersen, Andreas Köpsel, Günter Schäfer, Morten Schläger
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