Diversify sensor nodes to improve resilience against node compromise

14 years 1 months ago
Diversify sensor nodes to improve resilience against node compromise
A great challenge in securing sensor networks is that sensor nodes can be physically compromised. Once a node is compromised, attackers can retrieve secret information (e.g. keys) from the node. In most of the key pre-distribution schemes, the compromise of secret information on one node can have substantial impact on other nodes because secrets are shared by more than one node in those schemes. Although tamper-resistant hardware can help protect those secrets, it is still impractical for sensor networks. Having observed that most sensor network applications and key pre-distribution schemes can tolerate the compromise of a small number of sensors, we propose to use diversity to protect the secret keys in sensor networks. Our scheme consists of two steps. First, we obfuscate the data and the code for each sensor, such that, when attackers have compromised a sensor node, they need to spend a substantial amount of time to find the secrets from the obfuscated code (e.g., by reverse engin...
Abdulrahman Alarifi, Wenliang Du
Added 14 Jun 2010
Updated 14 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where SASN
Authors Abdulrahman Alarifi, Wenliang Du
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