DocBase - The INEX Evaluation Experience

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DocBase - The INEX Evaluation Experience
Abstract. Can a system designed primarily for the purpose of databasetype storage and retrieval be used for information-retrieval tasks? This was one of the questions that led us to participate in the INEX 2004 initiative. DocBase, a prototype database system developed initially for SGML, and adapted to work with XML, was used for the purpose of answering the queries. DocBase uses DSQL, an adaptation of SQL to provide a mechanism for querying XML using existing database and indexing technologies. The INEX evaluation experience was encouraging - although it did show the limitations of database query languages for classic information retrieval tasks, it also demonstrated that several interesting results can be obtained by using database query languages for information retrieval, especially for queries involving both content and structure. Our results demonstrate the adaptability and scalability of a database system for processing IR queries.
Sriram Mohan, Arijit Sengupta
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Updated 02 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Where INEX
Authors Sriram Mohan, Arijit Sengupta
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