Domain Models Are Aspect Free

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Domain Models Are Aspect Free
Abstract. Proponents of aspect orientation have successfully seeded the impression that aspects—like objects—are so fundamental a notion that they should pervade all phases and artefacts of the software development process. Aspect orientation has therefore proliferated from programming to design to analysis to requirements, sparing neither software processes nor their favourite languages. Since modelling plays an important role in software engineering, much effort is currently being invested in making modelling languages aspect ready. However, based on an observed lack of examples for domain level (or functional) aspects this paper argues the case against the omnipresence of aspects, particularly the existence of aspects in domain models, and offers some informal arguments as well as a semiformal proof in favour of the claims made.
Friedrich Steimann
Added 28 Jun 2010
Updated 28 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where UML
Authors Friedrich Steimann
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