Dual-Space Linear Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition

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Dual-Space Linear Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) is popular feature extraction technique for face recognition. However, it often suffers from the small sample size problem when dealing with the high dimensional face data. Some approaches have been proposed to overcome this problem, but they are often unstable and have to discard some discriminative information. In this paper, a dualspace LDA approach for face recognition is proposed to take full advantage of the discriminative information in the face space. Based on a probabilistic visual model, the eigenvalue spectrum in the null space of within-class scatter matrix is estimated, and discriminant analysis is simultaneously applied in the principal and null subspaces of the within-class scatter matrix. The two sets of discriminative features are then combined for recognition. It outperforms existing LDA approaches.
Xiaogang Wang, Xiaoou Tang
Added 12 Oct 2009
Updated 29 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 2004
Where CVPR
Authors Xiaogang Wang, Xiaoou Tang
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