Dynamic group communication in mobile peer-to-peer environments

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Dynamic group communication in mobile peer-to-peer environments
This paper presents an approach to integrate publish/subscribe semantics with on-demand multicast in wireless ad hoc networks, providing dynamic group communication with fine-grained subscriptions. A prototype application ‘PGM Golf Forum’ is developed, which enables a dynamic publish/subscribe system among the gallery during a golf tournament. Dynamic construction of an event dissemination structure to route events from event publishers to subscribers is important, especially to support rapidly changing multi-hop topologies over wireless links. The proposed approach aggregates content-based subscriptions in a compact data format (Bloom filters), and ODMRP (On-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol) is extended to use this context from the middleware-tier to construct an optimized dynamic dissemination mesh. It operates dynamic multicast grouping by aggregated subscriptions applying clustering techniques. Cooperation between middleware-tier and network components provides reliable fi...
Eiko Yoneki, Jean Bacon
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where SAC
Authors Eiko Yoneki, Jean Bacon
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