Dynamic Software Architecture Slicing

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Dynamic Software Architecture Slicing
As the complexity of software systems increases, so need for a good mechanism of abstraction. architecture design is an abstraction, hiding an immense amount of details about the data structures, algorithms, idiosyncrasies of programming language constructs, etc. that may be used in implementing the system-to-be. Fundamental as it may be to the modeling of the system, the very nature of this high level ion can also pose difficulties with the understanding and analysis of the behavior of the systemto-be. This paper introduces the notion of dynamic software architecture slicing (DSAS) in order to alleviate such difficulties. A dynamic software architecture slice represents the run-time behavior of those parts of the software architecture that are selected according to a particular slicing criterion such as a set of resources and events. This paper also describes a methodology for using the notion, and an algorithm to generate dynamic software architecture slices. The feasibility and the...
Taeho Kim, Yeong-Tae Song, Lawrence Chung, Dung T.
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Taeho Kim, Yeong-Tae Song, Lawrence Chung, Dung T. Huynh
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