Early fault detection with model-based testing

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Early fault detection with model-based testing
Current and future trends for software include increasingly complex requirements on interaction between systems. As a result, the difficulty of system testing increases. Model-based testing is a test technique where test cases are generated from a model of the system. In this study we explore model-based testing on the systemlevel, starting from early development. We apply model-based testing to a subsystem of a message gateway product in order to improve early fault detection. The results are compared to another subsystem that is tested with hand-crafted test cases. Based on our experiences, we present a set of challenges and recommendations for system-level, model-based testing. Our results indicate that model-based testing, starting from early development, significantly increases the number of faults detected during system testing. Categories and Subject Descriptors D.2.5 [Software Engineering]: Testing and Debugging General Terms Verification Keywords Model-based testing, system t...
Jonas Boberg
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Year 2008
Authors Jonas Boberg
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