Effective Choice and Boundedness Principles in Computable Analysis

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Effective Choice and Boundedness Principles in Computable Analysis
Abstract. In this paper we study a new approach to classify mathematical theorems according to their computational content. Basically, we are asking the question which theorems can be continuously or computably transferred into each other? For this purpose theorems are considered via their realizers which are operations with certain input and output data. The technical tool to express continuous or computable relations between such operations is Weihrauch reducibility and the partially ordered degree structure induced by it. We have identified certain choice principles on closed sets which are cornerstones among Weihrauch degrees and it turns out that certain core theorems in analysis can be classified naturally in this structure. In particular, we study theorems such as the Intermediate Value Theorem, the Baire Category Theorem, the Banach Inverse Mapping Theorem, the Closed Graph Theorem and the Uniform Boundedness Theorem. Well-known omniscience principles from constructive mathemat...
Vasco Brattka, Guido Gherardi
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where CCA
Authors Vasco Brattka, Guido Gherardi
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