An Efficient Clustered Architecture for P2P Networks

13 years 8 months ago
An Efficient Clustered Architecture for P2P Networks
Peer-to-peer (P2P) computing offers many attractive features, such as self-organization, load-balancing, availability, fault tolerance, and anonymity. However, it also faces some serious challenges. In this paper, we propose an Efficient Clustered Super-Peer P2P architecture (ECSP) to overcome the scalability and efficiency problems of existing unstructured P2P system. With ECSP, peers are grouped into clusters according to their topological proximity, and super-peers are selected from regular peers to act as cluster leaders and service providers. These super-peers are also connected to each other, forming a backbone overlay network operating as a distinct, yet integrated, application. To maintain the dynamically adaptive overlay network and to manage the routing on it, we propose an application level broadcasting protocol: Efa. Applying only a small amount of information about the topology of a network, Efa is as simple as flooding, a conventional method used in unstructured P2P syst...
Juan Li, Son T. Vuong
Added 20 Aug 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where AINA
Authors Juan Li, Son T. Vuong
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