Efficient Shared Memory Message Passing for Inter-VM Communications

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Efficient Shared Memory Message Passing for Inter-VM Communications
Thanks to recent advances in virtualization technologies, it is now possible to benefit from the flexibility brought by virtual machines at little cost in terms of CPU performance. However on HPC clusters some overheads remain which prevent widespread usage of virtualization. In this article, we tackle the issue of inter-VM MPI communications when VMs are located on the same physical machine. To achieve this we introduce a virtual device which provides a simple message passing API to the guest OS. This interface can then be used to implement an efficient MPI library for virtual machines. The use of a virtual device makes our solution easily portable across multiple guest operating systems since it only requires a small driver to be written for this device. We present an implementation based on Linux, the KVM hypervisor and Qemu as its userspace device emulator. Our implementation achieves near native performance in terms of MPI latency and bandwidth.
François Diakhaté, Marc Pérac
Added 19 Oct 2010
Updated 19 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors François Diakhaté, Marc Pérache, Raymond Namyst, Hervé Jourdren
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