Efficient text summarization using lexical chains

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Efficient text summarization using lexical chains
The rapid growth of the Internet has resulted in enormous amounts of information that has become more difficult to access efficiently. Internet users require tools to help manage this vast quantity of information. The primary goal of this research is to create an efficient and effective tool that is able to summarize large documents quickly. This research presents a linear time algorithm for calculating lexical chains which is a method of capturing the “aboutness” of a document. This method is compared to previous, less efficient methods of lexical chain extraction. We also provide alternative methods for extracting and scoring lexical chains. We show that our method provides similar results to previous research, but is substantially more efficient. This efficiency is necessary in Internet search applications where many large documents may need to be summarized at once, and where the response time to the end user is extremely important. Keywords Summarization, NLP, lexical chains,...
H. Gregory Silber, Kathleen F. McCoy
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where IUI
Authors H. Gregory Silber, Kathleen F. McCoy
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