Efficient User-Adaptable Similarity Search in Large Multimedia Databases

13 years 11 months ago
Efficient User-Adaptable Similarity Search in Large Multimedia Databases
Efficient user-adaptable similarity search more and more increases in its importance for multimedia and spatial database systems. As a general similarity model for multi-dimensional vectors that is adaptable to application requirements and user preferences, we use quadratic form distance functions which have been successfully applied to color histograms in image databases [Fal+ 94]. The components aij of the matrix A denote similarity of the components i and j of the vectors. Beyond the Euclidean distance which produces spherical query ranges, the similarity distance defines a new query type, the ellipsoid query. We present new algorithms to efficiently support ellipsoid query processing for various user-defined similarity matrices on existing precomputed indexes. By adapting techniques for reducing the dimensionality and employing a multi-step query processing architecture, the method is extended to high-dimensional data spaces. In particular, from our algorithm to reduce the similar...
Thomas Seidl, Hans-Peter Kriegel
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Where VLDB
Authors Thomas Seidl, Hans-Peter Kriegel
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