Elicitation of Preferences for Web Service Compositions

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Elicitation of Preferences for Web Service Compositions
Abstract: Preference elicitation is often used in e-services to create product recommendations for their customers. We present an approach for applying preference elicitation techniques for a semi-automatic query generation system for Web service compositions. These techniques are used for identifying the user's demands on the desired Web service composition and furthermore the trade-offs between interdependent or conflicting preferences. In our iterative process the query is automatically (re-)formulated to present results to the user, so that he can detect undesired characteristics and revise his specifications until he is presented a satisfiable result.
Carolin Michels, Sudhir Agarwal
Added 02 Mar 2011
Updated 02 Mar 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where GI
Authors Carolin Michels, Sudhir Agarwal
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